Merchandising and Quality


Product Presentation

How products are displayed and arranged in stores or online platforms to attract customer attention.


Marketing and advertising efforts to create awareness and drive sales.


Determining the right price point based on market research, competition, and perceived value.


Selecting the right distribution channels to make products available to the target audience.


Effective merchandising helps increase sales, build brand identity, and create a positive shopping experience for customers.


Materials and Manufacturing

The quality of raw materials and the manufacturing processes impact the overall product quality.


The ability of a product to withstand wear and tear over time.


How well a product performs its intended function.


Ensuring uniformity in product quality across batches or production runs.


High-quality products contribute to customer satisfaction, loyalty, and positive brand reputation. They can lead to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

What Makes DUTCH BANGLA MODE Stand Out from Other Knit Sweater Makers?

Our Advanced Equipment

Our factory is fully equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology to ensure the highest-quality production of each and every custom sweater that we make for our customers.

Our Fast Turnaround Time

At DUTCH BANGLA MODE, we understand that efficiency in production is key. That’s why we offer a speedy 7-20 working day manufacturing time with as little as 3 days required for special cases.

Our Highly Professional Team

We employ a highly-experienced team of professionals with decades of experience that will work with you throughout the entire process from start to finish.

Our Wide Selection of Styles

No matter what type of knitwear or custom sweaters you’re looking for, we’ll have what you need in our vast variety of styles.

Knitting Manufacturing

Made Easy with


Trendy styles

The latest knitwear fashions at your fingertips

Exceptional quality

Premium materials & a focus on quality


Sustainable practices from start to finish

Personalized support

We’ll be with you at each step of the way