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Build a complete custom clothing collection with DUTCH BANGLA MODE, the best clothing clothing house for your fashion house.


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DUTCH BANGLA MODE, the leading clothing buying house, is proud to assist a variety of industries and businesses with their own range of bespoke clothing. From material selection to those finer details, you have creative control over your order, while we work hard to turn your ideas into reality.

Our use of biodegradable materials and fabrics also furthers our mission of being a sustainable clothing buying house and ensures high-quality pieces every single time.

Partner with DUTCH BANGLA MODE and gain access to years of clothing buying house expertise.

Clothing Buying House With Extensive Clothing Selection

DUTCH BANGLA MODE, the best clothing buying house for your fashion house for clothing, meets all your apparel needs, from classic T-shirts to comfortable loungewear.

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Why DUTCH BANGLA MODE is a Preferred Clothing Buying House for Clothing Brands?

DUTCH BANGLA MODE isn’t just your average custom manufacturer for clothing.

We go above and beyond for our customers.


We’re a clothing buying house for clothing that uses biodegradable fabrics in crafting our clothing and recyclable packaging for shipping, to promote an eco-friendly life cycle.

Affordably Priced

As a quality clothing manufacturer, we also ensure that our apparel is priced affordably to suit all budgets. Discounted prices are offered to bulk orders.


Advanced Equipment

With the latest technology and machinery, we can produce not only basic garments but intricate designs. This also helps streamline production and enhances efficiency.

Superior Quality

We’re a fashion clothing manufacturer that prioritizes quality. We source the finest quality fabrics and materials to ensure they stand the test of time for your customers.

Professional Team

Our team of apparel R&D professionals, skilled designers, and craftsmen work hard to ensure that every detail is expertly crafted to exceed your expectations.


Well-known Suppliers

We work with the biggest names in the industry. Coats, JUKI and YKK are all our suppliers. Their support and expertise continue to ensure that our business outshines competitors.

Quality Clothing Buying House With Comprehensive


Private Label

DUTCH BANGLA MODE provides custom labeling services. You can add your brand name and logo as the perfect finishing touch, a great way to differentiate your brand from the competition.


Simply give us your requirements, and we’ll take care of the rest. Your bespoke order will be created to your exact specifications of design, color, and more.

Personalized Support

Our experts are consistently available to guide you through every aspect of your order, from the production process to pricing and customization options.

Lowest MOQ

DUTCH BANGLA MODE supports all businesses, both big and small. By keeping our minimum order quantity low, we help to lower your inventory costs and reduce the risk of overstocking.

Fast Turnaround Time

Committed to being the most efficient apparel manufacturer, we deliver orders within 7-20 working days and can expedite to 3 days for urgent, time-sensitive cases.

Supporting All Businesses

We accept various, flexible cooperation modes suited to your business or brand. Whether you prefer CMT, FOB, or ODM, we’ve got you covered.

Major Materials Used in Our High-Quality Knitwear


We use high-quality sheep’s wool in all of our wool knitwear, ethically sourced from various regions around the world. This material is soft, pliable, and cozy, easily holding warmth in the coldest of weather.


Our cotton sweaters and knitwear are produced using eco-friendly lightweight cotton. This material is soft to the touch with an airy feel that is great for wearing in any type of weather and for layering with other pieces.


The most premium material, the cashmere used to produce our knitwear is ethically sourced from the cashmere goat in the regions of Kashmir. This material is silky soft and warm, ideal for wearing in cooler weather.